"This is an AMAZING book!!! I am so thankful for people who make stories like this. The strongest aspect of the book is what it does for the imagination. The artwork is BEAUTIFUL. I will be buying more copies to give to others as gifts. I want as many people as I can to know about this book." - David


"Davey wrote this clever, fun, and poetic book for people of all ages. The illustrations in the book by Lotysh and Khalova are marvelous. Adults and children will delight in reading and seeing this book, over and over again." - Israel


"A story that will touch any child's heart." - Tony


"This is a picture book with cute art that is good for kids or the childish at heart. I'd recommend it for people looking for fun stuff to have their kids practice reading with." - Teresa


"The child in this 7--year-old plus body jumped for joy as I rollicked with the wrinkled-crinkled hound and one-tooth Billy. The cadence to the non-traditional rhyme of J. S. Davey's book pulls me in. The artwork by Genn Lotysh and Nina Khalova delights all my senses and makes me laugh. Yes, get it for your kid. Please." - A. L. 


"A great children's writer has the ability to see the world through the eyes of a child - you have done this in this book." - Vicki





"The Fox Hole

.by Parents,

On Top of a Hill There's a Billy


teachers, and kids!