• G.K. Chesterton humorously said, "Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese." I decided to break that silence by writing the cheesiest book in literary history. More than that, this book is also my first attempt at illustration and the first entry in a brand new "Color Co.Lab" series. The project is simple: I sketch images with pencil and ink and then pass them off to a unique painter for color.


    In A Cheesy Book, I collaborated with wonderful Egyptian artist Bassel Elkadi who brought my drawings to life with his vivid and unique style. With this project, I hope to help kids understand the joy and value of shared visions and perspectives. We all see the world through different shades and tones. God made us all unique, and that fact is expressly seen as soon as our pens and paint brushes meet paper. If we can learn to value the perspectives of others, we'll have made progress both as artists and as humans.





    44 pages.

    Rhyming text. 


    A Cheesy Book

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    Autographed. Hardcover. 44 pages full-color pages. Rhyming text. 

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