The Fox Hole


"The Fox Hole is a captivating children's book with a wonderful lesson on contentment and enchanting illustrations. I never tire of it and I even find myself more content by the end of it. One of my Favorites." - Laura


"This book was amazing. The story line was outstanding. I love that the fox's name was Finnick, which was an indicator that he might be a bit finicky regarding his lodgings. - Paulette


"The Fox Hole by J. S. Davey is a book directed at children, but has a story for all ages. I highly recommend this beautiful hardcover book as a gift for a loved one or just for yourself! I've bought five! - Kim


"The Fox Hole is a wonderful book and parable. It teaches a wonderful lesson for children and has fabulous pictures. I love this book and recommend for teachers and parents." - Daleine


"My kids love Finnick!" - Dawn


"My boys (ages 5 and 3) love these books!! - Samantha


"I love the clever book and so do my young friends. One is 4 and the other is almost 3. It's now their favorite book!" - Bonnie


"Everything about this is amazing. Grandkids are going to love it. Drawings, the wording, like I said, everything about this book is GREAT!!" - Sandy


"When You're building a children's book collection it is great to know an amazing storyteller. The Fox Hole looks amazing!" - Kris


"I just love The Fox Hole! It is a great children's book about contentment (Exodus 20:17)." - Sydney


"The Fox Hole is outstanding!" - Diane



"The Fox Hole


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The Fox Hole