the lion's pride


"Wow. I got your book, read it, and loved it! I am impressed with your beautiful, engaging story and lovely illustrations! I know your story is a timeless parable, but it is also so very pertinent right now. There is a huge audience right now for this!" - Beth


"The Lion's Pride is so creative and colorfully put together. It has great character lessons that reach the heart. This is so well done." - Sarah


"This is such a fun story with an amazing message! Love it!" - Tim


"We all have a little Leo and Leon in us! One full of pride and the other full of humility. J.S. Davey's book perfectly written in rhyming prose, takes us into the world of twin lion king brothers that are as different as night is from day. One wants it all; and the other willing to take what is left. This parable is a beautiful story to share with your children and grandchildren! It will teach them the true meaning of love and acceptance in a less than perfect world. The drawings alone are magnificent!" - Kim


"Jamison (a four-year-old) LOVES the new book. He has been carrying around The Lion's Pride with him all over the house. He brought it to the lunch table today and I read it to him twice!" - Edward


"Cadence loves both of these books (Proverbs and Parables). She can't read yet, but she turns the pages and recites the parts she remembers. I'd say you have a couple winners there." - Josh






"The Fox Hole


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